Andreas Schneider at COP28

CIRPASS was present at COP28 in Dubai

On 11 December 2023, the CIRPASS project was represented at a podium discussion at COP28 in Dubai.

Under the headline The Role of Creative Arts and Industries in Sustainable Industrial Transformation, these discussions were hosted by Lisa Lang, Director Policy & EU Affairs Orchestrator at EIT Climate KIC,  and had the textile sector as a focus.

Andreas Schneider, CEO of Global Textile Scheme GmbH and a representative of CIRPASS, participated in the first of four podium discussions within COP28: Design, Digitalization and Sustainable Development.

Andreas considers that the main outcomes of Panel1 (where he participated) were:

  1. “The adaption of the necessary circular shift of the textile and fashion sector could be better, as the post-Covid market environment is more than challenging.”
  2. “We should bring more attention to the huge volume of micro-sized stakeholders, who have the least resources but more flexibility – but they need structured and funded training support for the upcoming transition processes.”  
  3. It is a positive fact, that ESPR sets the necessary guidelines for a transition to more sustainability and material circles, which otherwise wouldn’t come by itself.”
  4. “Politics and industry should collaborate more and learn more from each other by doing so.”
  5. “CIRPASS as an enablement project is a positive best practice for how such a joint venture could look like and how fruitful this can be.”

See the full panel discussion below 👇