The CIRPASS consortium is composed of 31 partners representing thousands of industrial, research, digital, and international standards organisations across Europe and beyond. Get to know them better!


SLR is a global leader in environmental and advisory solutions: helping clients achieve their sustainability goals. SLR has proven track records in several different sectors, such as mining & minerals, manufacturing & industry, built environment, energy and power. SLR and its affiliated entity Vectos GmbH have gained considerable EU project experience in coordination and WP leader roles in Horizon 2020 projects. In CIRPASS, SLR is in charge of the administrative and financial management. SLR will also input technical knowledge in relation to the Data, Standards and Prototypes.


Fraunhofer IZM is one of the world’s leading institutes for applied research and the development and system integration of robust and reliable electronics. IZM holds a large steadily-available network of stakeholders from raw material extractors, designer, manufacturer, distribution, policy makers, procurement, environmental NGOs, certification bodies, repairers/reuse, waste treaters, recycling. In CIRPASS, they are responsible for leading the activities developed under the identification of available or potentially relevant data that would generate a beneficial impact on circularity and sustainability when made accessible in a tailored manner to target stakeholders by a DPP.

Chalmers Industriteknik

The Chalmers Industriteknik Foundation was founded in 1984 by Chalmers University of Technology with the aim of strengthening Swedish innovation capacity and utilising research. Their mission is to identify, initiate and run innovation projects with great potential to contribute to sustainable societal development. In CIRPASS, they will be working on the identification of available or potentially relevant data that would generate a beneficial impact on circularity and sustainability when made accessible in a tailored manner to target stakeholders by a DPP.


DKE collaborates to create standards that guarantee the safety of electrical products and systems. SCI 4.0 is a joint initiative of DKE, DIN and the German industry associations Bitkom, VDMA and ZVEI and orchestrates all standardisation activities for digitising industry on behalf of the German “Plattform Industrie 4.0”, Germany’s central network among all societal stakeholders for driving forward digitalisation in manufacturing. In CIRPASS, DKE will coordinate standardisation activities and will lead the development of the roadmap with recommendations for standardisation of the key aspects and key data for a cross-sectorial digital product passport, considering also the three separate value chain specific standardisation requirements.


The Global Textile Scheme Initiative is a group of currently 25 companies from major textile and fashion-relevant ICT providers, industry associations, production material suppliers and fashion brands. GTS is an enabling method and technology which will abandon obsolete manual processes and, besides increasing efficiency, will be a necessary tool to generate all kind of relevant data for CSR and sustainability transparency and circular economy. In CIRPASS, GTS is leading the Textile value chain team and will collaborate with expertise on product classification and data standardisation, as well as in DPP technical blueprint identification.


+ImpaKT is a private consulting company located in Luxembourg, with the mission to raise awareness, promote innovation and build a network that inspires and helps organisations, businesses and individuals to move towards a circular economy. In CIRPASS, +Impakt is providing expertise based on the results and learnings of the PCDS initiative and will contribute to the definition of the minimum and cross-sector data set and on the identification of business cases and added values related to the Digital Product Passport data.


F6S is a leading global founder and startup network that helps public sector entities around the world to promote, communicate and disseminate technical and research projects. F6S stands for F-ounder-S. Our mission is to help founders and startups grow to solve the world's pressing social, economic, environmental, sustainability and innovation problems. In addition to F6S' work with governmental entities, we also work with corporates, investors, research institutions, programs, universities and others in the global startup ecosystem. F6S tools deliver company growth through grants, partnerships, funding, investment, pilot contracts, partnerships, jobs & talent recruitment and company services.


The GEIE ERCIM (European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics) is a cooperation of leading IT-Research institutions like INRIA, FORTH and CNR. It is also the host of the World Wide Web Consortium for EMEA. ERCIM/W3C actively promotes the Web of Data, Linked Data and the Semantic Web. In CIRPASS, they will provide expertise in linked data and data annotations; architecture of distributed systems; data interoperability; metadata interoperability; metadata formats; and vocabularies, taxonomies, ontologies.

E Circular Aps

CEI will be designed to be politically, commercially, and competitively neutral. Thereby representing a shared global public good, that accelerates the realisation of a circular economy (CE) across sectors.The CEI Society ensures the CEI is designed to be politically, commercially, and competitively neutral. Where no one person, company, organisation, or government controls the Circular Economy Internet. Thereby representing a shared global public good, that accelerates the realisation of a global coherent circular economy across sectors. The CEI Society ensures the development and application of shared principles, norms, rules, decision-making procedures, and programs that shape the evolution.

GS1 in Europe

GS1 in Europe is part of GS1 Global, which supports a system of global, open standards based on a collective approach which involves all actors along the supply chain setting together the rules to identify, capture and share data. This system is industry-driven as there is no real circular economy change without real empowerment of economic players who generate, use and exchange product data. In CIRPASS, GS1 will have an active role in the stakeholder-defined data for circular value retention & extraction; DPP technical blueprint; DPP-related Standards; and DPP prototypes.

Politecnico Milano

Politecnico di Milano is a public scientific-technological university which trains engineers, architects and industrial designers. The alliance with the industrial world, in many cases favoured by Fondazione Politecnico and by consortiums to which Politecnico belong, allows the university to follow the vocation of the territories in which it operates and to be a stimulus for their development. In CIRPASS, Politecnico Milano will lead the DPP system and framework architecture activities.

Circular Fashion brings in depth and practical knowledge how a Digital Product Passport system for textiles could be implemented. They launched the circularity.ID and the circularity.ID Open Data Standard in 2019 for the textile industry. The standard defines what information is relevant to enable repair, reuse, upcycling and recycling for textiles. In CIRPASS, will use their broad network to bring in major textile organisations up- and downstream of the supply chain.

Digital Europe

DIGITALEUROPE is the leading trade association representing digitally transforming industries in Europe. They shape the industry policy positions on all relevant legislative matters and contribute to the development and implementation of relevant EU policies. In CIRPASS, Digital Europe participates in the Stakeholders' engagement and in the communication and dissemination. They will take part in the road mapping and in the DE members Advisory Board.


EIT InnoEnergy is a European privately held company, (partly) funded by the EIT, with a clear mission of accelerating sustainable energy innovation. EIT InnoEnergy accelerates innovations in sustainable energy and break though technologies through investments in promising companies and have a portfolio of over +150 ventures. In CIRPASS, InnoEnergy is contributing to Battery Stakeholder consultation and alignment and will be developing a comprehensive system of interoperable unique material and product ID applicable throughout the relevant value chains.


The Delft University of Technology is the oldest and largest Dutch public technical university, located in Delft, Netherlands. They have a background of participating in supply-chain / customs traceability projects (including large-scale piloting & Tradelens). In CIRPASS, TUDelft will be contributing to the analysis of state-of-the-art DPP-related pilots and prototypes.


TalTech is the only flagship in engineering and IT science and education in Estonia, providing higher education at all levels in engineering and technology, information technology, economics, science, and maritime. TalTech is the first point of contact in Estonia for companies and government agencies to conduct research. In CIRPASS, TalTech will participate in the DPP architecture and in the development of DPP prototypes, roadmaps & recommendations.


Veltha is an international research centre specialised in performing research to design solutions to tackle climate change. Its purpose is to foster research, sustainable development and a smooth transition towards a circular economy. In CIRPASS, they will be participating in the DPP information architecture.

Energy Web

Energy Web Foundation is a non-profit organisation developing open-source decentralised technologies based on standardised approaches. In CIRPASS, EWF contributions include integration and implementation of different blockchain platforms for DPP and the use of decentralised identifiers (DIDs) for implementation of DPPs.


The Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) is a senior scientific and technical federal institute in Germany. It tests, researches, and advises to protect people, the environment, and material goods. In CIRPASS, BAM will be sharing their experience in the following areas: identification and implementation of relevant European or global standards, classifications, and nomenclatures for DPP templates. They will also contribute to the development of guidelines on the requirements for an interoperable and decentralised data governance and data management architecture for the digital product passport.


SyncForce is a single instance SaaS solution and consists of three main capabilities: product pipeline project management, product data management and product data distribution. In CIRPASS, they will be participating in the development of DPP architecture and in the DPP-related standards and interoperability.


The Innovalia Association is a private R&D business unit whose main purpose is to promote technological innovation in small and medium-sized companies. Formed by a group of companies that combine talent, skills and resources, the Innovalia Association is a reference for SMEs that demand advanced, highly specialised technological capabilities and with a dimension of transnational cooperation. In CIRPASS, Innovalia will provide coordination and cooperation with the EU DATA SP4CE partnership for the formation of manufacturing data spaces in the EU.

Textile Exchange

Textile Exchange is a global nonprofit guiding a growing community of brands, manufacturers, and farmers towards more purposeful production from the very start of the supply chain. As an organisation, Textile Exchange develops, manages, and promotes a suite of leading industry standards. In CIRPASS, it will contribute to DPP information architecture, to the DPP system and framework architecture and to the DPP-related standards and interoperability.


The RBA is a coalition of the world’s leading companies working together to improve efficiency and social, ethical, and environmental responsibility in the global supply chain. RMI has over 400 members across 30 industries in 120+ countries and its mission is to provide companies with tools and resources to make sourcing decisions that improve regulatory compliance and support responsible sourcing globally. In CIRPASS, RBA will be involved in the DPP information architecture and in the DPP-related standards and interoperability.

Worldline Mint

Worldline ensures secure payments and trusted transactional services. They are a leading supplier of high-volume, complex traceability solutions. Worldline has more than 40 years of experience in hosting and processing sensitive data. Their continuously growing portfolio of solutions is environmentally friendly and supports trust and social transformation. In CIRPASS, they will share their real-world practical experience with regards to high-volume complex traceability schemes. Our focus is on ensuring a feasible set up of the Digital Product Passport.


RISE Research Institutes of Sweden is Sweden’s research institute and innovation partner. Through international collaboration with industry, academia and the public sector, we ensure business competitiveness and contribute to a sustainable society. In CIRPASS, RISE will participate in the data for circularity in the textile sector and in the international standardisation status for circularity.


iPoint empowers companies to collect, analyse and report all necessary data to assess the environmental, social, and economic impacts of their products and related processes enabling companies to evolve their business.Point’s digital product passport (DPP) prototypes show how to consolidate compliance and sustainability data available for relevant supply chain actors and authorities. In CIRPASS, iPoint will be involved in the analysis of battery stakeholders’ perspectives, technical needs, and requirements; they will support identifying relevant data and DPP-oriented reference architectures; and will provide input to battery product data standards and formats.


The Global Electronics Council™ (GEC) is a non-profit organisation that harnesses the power of buyers to create a world where only sustainable technology is bought and sold.’s vision is to be the foundation for trusted, sustainable relationships between every item, every company, and every person. In March 2021, launched what has become the world's leading connected product cloud: a platform that enables a digital product passport for everyday items by assigning a unique digital identity and managing all of the end-to-end item-level data and events associated with each individual product. In CIRPASS, will help describing how the informational representation of a tangible good or DPP can be reliably found from an identifier on the product.

Global Battery Alliance

The Global Battery Alliance (GBA) is a public-private collaboration platform founded in 2017 at the World Economic Forum to help establish a sustainable battery value chain by 2030. The GBA brings together leading international organisations, NGOs, industry actors, academics and multiple governments to align collectively in a pre-competitive approach, to drive systemic change along the entire value chain.