Deriving an initial set of information requirements to serve as a basis for future discussions

The purpose of this report is to define an initial set of information requirements for each of the three sector groups: batteries, electronics and textiles. This set is defined by mapping both mandatory information and information that is used in current DPP-related initiatives. This initial set is provided in order to initiate and structure upcoming discussions among CIRPASS consortium partners and facilitate the gathering of feedback from the largest possible number of external stakeholders.

This report is open for feedback until  30 September 2023.

Benchmark of existing DPP-oriented reference architectures

This document presents the outcomes of the benchmarking activity performed within WP3 of CIRPASS. The objective is to frame existing DPP-related initiatives and observe general macro-trends and existing gaps in view of the alignment with the ESPR Proposal goals. The deliverable is structured in three sections, focusing on (i) the presentation of the adopted classification methodology, (ii) the formalised presentation of a sub-set of existing DPP-related initiatives focusing on the IT architecture, (iii) the critical analysis of the entire set of mapped initiatives. Take-home messages and recommendations are summarised in the final section of D3.1 to be further considered within the future activities of CIRPASS.

Annex to the "Benchmark of existing DPP-oriented reference architectures"

This document is a supplementary Annex to the CIRPASS report “Benchmark of existing DPP reference architectures”. This Annex provides summary profiles, organised according to a common template, of initiatives that are related to the Digital Product Passport (DPP). It thus provides the European Commission and the DPP stakeholder community with an overview of potentially relevant services and products.