CIRPASS_Q&A meeting with EC

CIRPASS Representatives met with European Commission and Global Electronics Council to discuss Electronics Sustainability at Brussels Q&A Session

Representatives from the CIRPASS consortium participated in a Q&A session with the European Commission and the Global Electronics Council (GEC) on May 2 in Brussels.

The session included Ilias Iakovidis, William Neale, and Eva Funcken from the European Commission (EC), as well as Bob Mitchell, CEO of Global Electronics Council, and representatives from GS1, DIGITALEUROPE, SLR Consulting Limited, and Inno Energy.


Discussions focused on several topics related to the DPP on electronics, including Ecodesign criteria for electronics, potential targets for the circularity of electronics by 2030, and tentative timelines for when the Digital Product Passport (DPP) will apply to electronics.

The session also covered the upcoming report from the EC addressing the environmental dimension of sustainability. The CIRPASS consortium provided updates on the project and discussed how the DPP will contribute to moving towards a sustainable business model.

This Q&A session was a valuable opportunity for the CIRPASS consortium to engage with key stakeholders and ensure that the project aligns with the European Commission’s goals and priorities.