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State of play and possible future developments of the  Digital Product Passport (DPP) 

A CIRPASS event in collaboration with the Product Information 4.0 and BatteryPass projects  

Online event, 5 March 2024, 09h30 – 17h30 CET 


The CIRPASS final public event will once again bring together European industries, policymakers, R&D centres, standardisation organisations, circular economy and sustainability actors and digital solution providers to learn more about the current state and possible future developments of the Digital Product Passport (DPP). 

The full-day online event will take place on Tuesday, 5 March 2024 from 9h30 to 17h30 CET. 

🔗 Register now > http://tinyurl.com/54jccc2k 

The focus of the event will be on critical issues still facing the DPP, exploring “Why, What, How, and When” aspects related to DPP development and future deployment. These discussions will be informed by presentations of CIRPASS project results, as well as those of two other participating projects, Product Information 4.0 and BatteryPass. 

Attendees will gain a wider understanding of the DPP’s current and future challenges and opportunities, as well as how these three projects are working together to inspire and contribute to the broader work of the EC on the DPP. There will be two discussion panels and opportunities will be given to the audience to ask questions and interact with EC personnel and DPP experts. 

CIRPASS is an EU-funded project that brings together 31 experienced partners to prepare the ground for the gradual piloting and deployment of the DPP, focusing on developing a roadmap for three value chains: electronics, batteries and textiles. 

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